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Trip Sardinia is an agency of Tourist Services that operates in Sardinia.


Our objective is that to facilitate the stay to whoever wants to visit the Sardinian territory offering an ample fan of possibility and the maximum level of personalization of the vacation.
The depth love for our earth, its marvelous landscapes and its ancient traditions, has pushed us to operate in the field of the tourist receipt with the objective to welcome in Sardinia the tourist and the traveller and to take care of its stay in every aspect of his.
Notorious Sardinian hospitality is the point of departure of our job. The consumer that is submitted to Trip Sardinia will be welcomed with respect, professionalism and heat by a staff that it will work in operation of his demands to guarantee its full satisfaction.

Trip Sardinia is also an agency of events organization: convention, reunions, incentives, musical / sport / cultural events and more...



telefono E-mail:
telefono Tel.: (+39) 070 305771
telefono Fax.: (+39) 070 305771
cellulare Cell.: (+39) 393 4417811
cellulare Cell.: (+39) 392 0508181
casa Address: Viale Diaz 70a, 09125 Cagliari
casa Legale Location:  

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Where we are

Trip Sardinia is in Cagliari in the Viale Diaz 70a.

Via Ancona is a crossroad of via Milano and viale Diaz and is situated not away from the port area of the city, a 1 minute from the Basilica of Bonaria.

You can reach there from via Roma with the urban lines 5 and 5-11 (stopped via Milano-cross via Genova) and PF and PQ (stopped viale Diaz forehead via Bottego).


Our Logo

The name Trip Sardinia fully describes the objective of our mission: the facilitation of the stays is totally guaranteed from our services;  the "trip" understood as human experience to everything circle is guaranteed from an earth from the deep cultural traditions and from the landscapes wonderfull. The select symbol for the logo is the dolphin: sea animal from the positive and playful character. The aquatic element could not miss for pointing out the immense naturalistic patrimony of the Sardinian coasts, among the most beautiful to the world. The positive and playful character reflects the regenerating aspect of the vacation and the positiveness of the experience lived with Trip Sardinia.

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