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Rasciada Club Village - Hotel Castelsardo - Sardinia

Rasciada Club Village - Hotel Castelsardo - Sardinia

The Village Rasciada club directly rises on the sea in a line of predominantly rocky coast, alternated from enchanting sand's calette. Dipped in a sharp pain vegetation from the colors and perfumes typical of the Mediterranean stain, it is composed from 113 bungalows and rooms in masonry, the greatest part leaned out on the splendid line of uncontaminated sea, endowed with climatization, private services, porch or patio with tavolino and chairs, telephone.  At disposition of the clients, free safe, infirmary, room TV, plain cafe, music live with smooth dance and of group disco, swimming pool children and swimming pool for adults with sea water. Evening with supper typical Sardinian and folklorist group. Saint Put Sunday. Possibility of rental auto and of excursion organized with deprived guide.



A team of young people will organize for You you play amusing and sporting competitions, joky diversions and nighttime shows; it will animate' in short Your stay to the village, but it will do him/it in discreet way and never conditioning, leaving to each the liberty to live the vacation according to his/her own natural inclination. After the sunset the life to the continuous Rasciada Club with the disposition the guests' shows.



The restaurant to sideboard is surely the strong dish of the Village: skilled chefs will prepare every day flat dainty, of which many to base of fish exalting, with pleasant choreographies, the perfumes of the Italian cuisine. Weekly appointments with the Sardinian tradition, fresh pasta of every kind, sweets appetizing products artigianalmente and spaghettate to midnight complete the gastronomic panorama of the village. The wine and the water to the meals are inclusive.



During your vacation you can relax near the exclusive beach of the village, endowed with you lay down and ombrelloni, to practise the windsurf to make trips in boat. The crystalline sea from the Caribbean backdrops constitutes a real heaven for the impassioned ones of immersions (prenotabili on application of the client).



Qualified personnel will know how to deal with the more guests' young people, for which a swimming pool also exists to them reserved, leaving his/her parents in the total and more complete relax. The staff of animation he will take care of the youngest guests divided in groups for bands of age' (Miniclub from the 4 a 6 years, Youngclub from the 6 a 12 years), in equips him reserved area where rich programs of diversion and so many sports will be developed. And to conclude an exclusive Restaurant for children and boys from the 4 years with flat prepared on purpose for so much fun!



The club has field of calcetto, bottles, volleyball field, basketball, gym, pingpong, draught with the arc, canoe, tennis, gymnastics, dance, aerobics and nighttime snacks.



To the reception of the Rasciada Club you can organize Your excursions, all with departure from the Village.

The choice is vast a great deal: the archipelago maddalenino (You Maddalena, Caprera, Scatters, Budelli), the Coast Smeralda, Alghero and the caves Neptune, Nuoro and Orgosolu, Stintino, Torralba Saccargia, The Nuraghes of Castelsardo, the Gallura, the rock of the elephant and other places still.


Localita' Li Paddimi Castelsardo (SS


Tel. 0362 30.35.39
Fax 0362 30.35.19

Tel. 079 474225 

e-mail: info@rasciada.it

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